Jessie - resource guarding

"Jackie has helped us no end with our dog Jessie, who was shadow-chasing and resource guarding. She put practical solutions in place and worked with the whole family to help Jessie become a fun part of the family that we could all enjoy. She's such a personable trainer that genuinely works to make life with a dog easy. Would recommend her to anyone needing support with integrating a dog into family life". 

Fiona, 2019

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Maple - reactivity to small dogs

Maple, my lovely border terrier, was unfortunately reactive towards small dogs. Jackie showed me several techniques to help Maple cope better and she showed me how to build them into our everyday walks with consistency. Since putting it all into practice, Maple’s reactivity has decreased significantly and so we have the confidence to enjoy our walks now, instead of feeling constantly nervous. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jackie for help.

Corinna, 2020

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Coco and Tinkerbelle - stress-related cystitis

"Fantastic service, very dedicated and committed.

We had such a structured call (sadly lockdown prevented Jackie from coming to the house) with some really good advice, suggestions and understanding. Jackie then followed up with her final recommendations. Jackie also followed up on our cats' progression several times thereafter. Very reassuring.

Listening to Jackie and following her simple suggestions and advice,  our situation resolved. "

Amber, 2021

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Daisy - destructive scratching

"Daisy is a cat with A LOT of personality and energy. We were struggling with fulfilling her needs for enrichment until we got in touch with Jackie at Caspers.

With Jackie's recommendations and the learnings we took away from her, we've been able to make Daisy happier than ever."

Matt, 2021

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Morph and Effy - fighting

"We’d like to thank Jackie for visiting our home and the positive help and advice she provided re our two cats Morph and Effy. 

Whilst living/working in the Middle East we adopted both cats, and relocated them to the U.K. on our return. After which, Morph developed some unacceptable behaviour in stalking, chasing and attacking Effy. The attacks were severe and most upsetting. Try as we did, we could not resolve the situation ourselves and realised we needed some professional guidance.

On contacting Jackie, she visited our home to discuss the problem in depth, to observe the cats behaviour, daily routine and environment. She advised how to make some changes to help deal with the situation. This was the followed by a written report that contained further advice and suggestions.

I am pleased to say the help/advice given was invaluable and we have now regained some peaceful day-to-day living again. We would not hesitate to recommend Caspers Pet Behaviour & Training to anyone requiring assistance with any issues with their feline friends."

Hazel & Ken, 2020 .

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Smudge and Oreo - fighting

"Jackie came to advise us on how to help introduce outdoor access to our two rescue cats who had become fearful and aggressive towards each other when going outside. Jackie spent a lot of time with us and really put our minds at rest that we could find a way forward that worked for the cats and for us. Jackie is very knowledgable and has a very gentle and kind approach to both animal and owner. Jackie wrote us a detailed report and steps for the future and we’ve been working on helping the cats build positive associations with the entrance to the garden and looking at making the space more cat-friendly. Jackie was on hand if we had any questions and checked in with us to provide support. I would highly recommend Jackie if you want to learn more about why your pets do what they do and how you can help them live their best lives. Thank you Jackie!"

Clare, 2019

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Gizmo - excessive vocalisation

"After losing our little Meeko to kidney failure, Gizmo was beside himself. They had been inseparable since they were kittens. Gizmo started howling, whining and pacing, and his meowing was constant. At 7 months pregnant, I broke down in tears at my vets. Since working with Jackie, Gizmo has become happier and a more confident cat. A vocal cat by nature, he still meows, but it is no longer constant. I know how to meet his needs so he stops and settles. We now have a much calmer household, even with a newborn in the mix. "

Sam, 2019

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Katy Perry - stress-related cystitis

"Approached Jackie after being advised by our vet that Katy Perry appeared to be very reactive to any stressful situation around the house.

Jackie visited and found Katy to be very sound sensitive and provided a number of potential aids. Some of these have been gradually adopted and have helped us reduce Katy's fears making her a more relaxed cat​. " 

Bob, 2021

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